Start Earning $ for Your Club Today!

Your Club ‘Members’ are the key … the more they spend, the more money your club gets!

This amazing initiative is available exclusively to YJFL Clubs.
Start earning money for your club in no time. It is free and easy to register.

Here is how it works.

Simple 3 step process:
1. Submit a Nomination Form (Click here)
2. Email your members the offer (See below)
3. Receive your club benefits (See below)

The benefits:
1. Free-access for your members to our revolutionary e-learning footy skills platform
2. Give your members a chance to win a brand new AFL football (50 to be won)
3. Receive the 10% cash rebate for your club

During these tough Covid-19 times, your can think of the API Cash Rebate as your major fundraiser event or your clubs newest financial sponsor.

“This is our way of supporting YJFL clubs, players and families that have supported us. The more club members that sign-up, the greater the cash rebate for the club. It is that simple.”


The date for the first round of applications close Friday 29th 2020, 5:00pm  Sunday May 31st.

To register CLICK HERE. For even more information see below or CLICK HERE.

All your club needs to do is submit the ‘API Nomination Form’, to apply for the program. Once confirmed, your club will be emailed an ‘API Pack’, including the 'coupon code'. Your members use this coupon code when signing up for Dynamic Footy Skills. Your club will receive 10% cash rebate from the sale price of every Dynamic Footy Skills Membership purchased by your members.

At the end of each month that your club is registered with the API, a report will be generated and issued to your club with a list of transactions specific to your club’s membership sales with Dynamic Footy Skills. The 10% tally will be stated and issued to your club – and what’s more – there is no cost at all to your club for participating.

With every Dynamic Footy Skills membership purchased, your players will get access to our revolutionary training program, sorely needed during these tough Covid-19 times. Plus, they’ll also benefit as your club’s financial position grows.

Imagine what your club could do with extra funds. You could upgrade facilities, buy new equipment, subsidise fees and get more people playing this great game! How you spend your club rebate is completely up to you!

All YJFL Clubs.

The API Nomination Form needs to be submitted by a 2020 executive committee member from the nominating club (IE President, Vice-President, Secretary etc).

First Round of nominations:
Open Friday 22nd May.
Close Friday 29th May.

First API Month:
First month will commence Monday 1st June, 2020.


We have made this super easy!

To ensure your club and members get the most out of the program, it is important that you advise all members – existing and new – about the API.
We understand that clubs are already stretched with resources. So, to this end, the API pack includes two emails and two Social media posts, ready for your club to forward onto members.

All material has been created by the DFS marketing team and clearly communicates to your members the program and all its benefits.
All the club needs to do is press ‘send’ on their email and ‘post’ on their Social media accounts. 

Of course, should you wish to create your own communication, that is fine by us as well.

You now know how easy it is to make your Club some extra cash, just for purchasing Dynamic Footy Skills memberships.

Let us help your members access the very thing they love (improving their AFL footy skills) and help your beloved Club maintain a strong financial position during these uncertain times.


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