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Imagine having an uncapped extra revenue stream to spend as you wish on the items that your club needs, ultimately improving the experience for your players, parents, coaches and volunteers.

The Sponsorship Support Program is our way of supporting your Club and our football development programs are our way of providing opportunity to those parents & players looking for a little bit more.

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The DFS Sponsorship Support Program

The Sponsorship Support Program is our way of supporting the community that has supported us for 10 years. Community clubs are the lifeblood of junior football and together with our football development programs we can provide opportunity to those parents & players looking for a little bit more.

DFS would like to Sponsor your club with a guaranteed minimum amount of $250. However, this amount can be increased substantially when players from your club participate in DFS football development programs and earn Sponsor Dollars for your Club.

The more your players participate, the more Sponsor Dollars we will support your club with. And the longer you remain in the program, the faster and more Sponsor Dollars you’ll accumulate.

Good news! Your Sponsor Dollars are uncapped, and there is no restriction on how you spend them. Great news! Double the value of your Sponsor Dollars by choosing to spend them on the DFS Coach Support Program.

All we ask in return is that you forward on DFS program promotions to your parents, players and coaches throughout the year. 

And don’t worry – we’ll do all the work creating it, saving your club volunteers many extra hours servicing our Sponsorship. All you will need to do is forward on the information.

Why Dynamic Footy Skills?

We are widely recognised as the premier football development provider in the Australian Rules community. Our programs, delivered by the best and most experienced junior coaches in Australia, offer the ultimate experience for Fun, Elite and Club development.

Since 2011, we have provided programs to over 150 community junior football clubs and more than 25,000 junior football players. We have partnered with a range of organisations to deliver AFL development programs including; Richmond FC, North Melbourne FC, St Kilda FC, Essendon FC, South Metro JFL, Yarra JFL, Essendon District FL, Northern FNL, South-East JFL and Frankston & DFL.

After 10 years, it is now time to step-up our support for Community Football Clubs. Our previous and on-going financial Community Support includes:

  • Over $100,000 donated via Footy Scholarships and AFL development programs (Individual & Clubs).
  • Over $50,000 donated and dedicated to equipment and sponsorship (Individual, Club & Leagues).
  • Over $20,000 supporting our Charity Partners including Zaidees Rainbow Foundation, Pat Cronin Foundation, Red Cross Australia.


Donated via Footy Scholarships and AFL development programs to players and clubs


Donated and dedicated to players, clubs and leagues for equipment and sponsorship


Donated to support our charity partners including Zaidees Rainbow Foundation, Pat Cronin Foundation, and Red Cross Australia

Benefits To Your Club

"The DFS Coach Support Program provided FDJFL coaches with a new found self-belief in what they can do, why they are doing it and how to do it. AFL South East will continue to support programs such as DFS to ensure our coaches have access to great development & coach education. We strongly encourage clubs to consider such programs to further assist their club coaches."

Cam Roberts

Former Football Development Manager, AFL South East

Earn uncapped revenue with no spending restrictions

The single biggest factor kids drop out of organised sport is because of a poor experience with their coach or club training. The Coach Support Program will help avoid this and increase your player retention with quality coaching methods that maximise participation & enjoyment.

Long term sponsorship to secure your clubs future

Dynamic Footy Skills expert coaches have extensive coaching experience ranging from local community level all the way up to the elite AFL level. Our coaches have proven results for all players at all levels of AFL development and are widely regarded as the best in Australia.

Learn New and Up-To-Date Skill Development and Game-Sense Drills

During the practical skill development component of the Coach Support Program, you will learn skill based and game-sense activities & understand exactly when and why to use use them to ensure they suit all players, regardless of age or ability.

Unrestricted access to
the DFS Online Coach Portal

Access the DFS online coaching portal featuring extra amazing content designed to further improve your Club coach performance. Resources include the DFS Core Drill Bible, Strength & Conditioning for Juniors and technical skill secrets.

Expert Coaching Knowledge

Receive expert presentation sessions discussing topics such as; The Role of a Junior Coach; Preparation and Planning; Effective Coaching Strategies; Success Indicators; Game Day Routines; Player Rotations & much more. Gain access to our in-depth Game-Sense presentation, with up to date knowledge on how to effectively apply game-sense training to maximise player development.

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